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Get on google

That's the power of PPC advertising.

Forget cold calling or Word of Mouth.

With PPC advertising your customers will be the ones calling you, and talking up your business.

But what does it cost?

Digital real estate is valuable.

Let’s say you wanted to advertise on a billboard, or in the local newspaper, or on the side of a blimp, exposure costs money.

The internet works the same way.

93% of online experiences start with a search engine.

Appearing on major search engines like Google and Bing represent huge amounts of traffic and customers.

But ranking organically on search engines takes time.
Unless you have a shortcut around SEO.

That’s where our PPC advertising comes in.

As an advertising model that allows you to pay only when someone clicks on your ads, the method of getting your website to the top of Google is at your fingertips.

That’s the secret of maximum ROI.

You’ll only pay Google for top search results when people click, making it easy to track conversions and account for every dollar you spend.

With up to 4 ads eligible to appear above organic search results, you can literally go straight to the top of a Google search.

And with the average business making a profit of £3 for every £1.60 they invest in PPC, the true question is, what do you stand to gain?

PPC Advertising is perfect for
businesses who are...

Outgrow the

PPC advertising doesn’t level the playing field. It makes it your homeground.

What are PPC campaigns? It’s simple.

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is exactly as it sounds.

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

PPC advertising is an extremely cost-effective strategy that allows you to control how much you pay per click, and how much budget you allocate weekly and monthly.

There are many pay per click platforms available, but with Google the most popular and widely used, Google Ads is the most common paid advertising model.

PPC advertising allows you to connect with customers who are already searching for your products and services through targeted keywords.

Your pay PPC campaign really takes off through creating optimised landing pages to turn those curious ad clicks into concrete conversions.

By qualifying website traffic as people who have chosen to interact with your ads, PPC advertising is a low risk strategy that can generate large volumes of traffic with the potential for an exceptional return on investment.

Supercharge the number of people visiting your website, generate more leads, and increase conversions.

It all happens with PPC.

Why use PPC advertising?

7 powerful advantages to
Pay Per Click.


First page Exposure.

If you want your business to succeed online, your first step is to be available and visible.

75% of people never click past the first page of Google.

That means anything but the first page is a waste of your time and resources.

PPC offers a guaranteed solution to this problem.

PPC advertising works by placing your business above and below organic search results, giving you first page exposure that can begin generating traffic right away.


Immediate traffic.

You could enter the PPC space years behind your competition and still compete with long established businesses.

This contrasts SEO which takes time to catch up to your competition.

As a major advantage of pay per click advertising, nothing beats instant results. It is the fastest way to direct traffic to your website, making it ideal for businesses with little to no exposure.

You have the advantage of advertising to people who have never heard of your brand and casting a wide net to find the qualified traffic most likely to become customers.


Consistent Traffic.

PPC combines quality and quantity, providing a constant stream of visitors and leads to your website.

Through setting your daily budget you create the conditions for ongoing attention, with the link between money spent and money earned much clearer than is the case for other advertising models.

Through connecting your keyword driven ads with the keyword intent of consumers, you’re always tapping into a hungry audience.


Targeted traffic.

A steady stream of high visitor numbers is a vanity metric we’re not satisfied with.

PPC advertising benefits you by ensuring the visitors you receive are highly targeted and are most likely to be people with an immediate need for your products and services.

Through your PPC campaign you can choose when and where your ads appear – keywords, locations, demographics, time, date and more, they all allow you to segment your market.

Divide them up and conquer your industry.


Extremely flexible.

PPC is a fluid and dynamic advertising model.

You can change, edit, test and optimise your ads during your campaign to make sure the results are aligned with your investment.

Feel like your current ads aren’t getting the job done? You can make changes on the fly, tweaking your keywords, ad text and landing pages until you’re satisfied.

PPC is about control – over your ads, the message you want to send, the people you want to reach, and the direction your business is going.

Scale up or down instantly to take advantage of your market conditions, that’s why businesses are using PPC advertising.


Budget friendly.

Imagine spending a small fortune on print advertising only to find out it hasn’t hit its mark.

With PPC you have complete control over your budget while your campaign is live.

You choose how much to pay per click and how much to spend across the life of your campaign.

With detailed analytics you’ll be on top of your revenue at all times, allowing you to change your budget to better position yourself for success.


Proven results.

Is PPC worth it? We’ll let the benefits of PPC speak for themselves.

  • 52% of people who click on PPC ads call the advertiser.
  • The top 3 PPC ads receive 46% of clicks.
  • SEO algorithm updates will never affect your PPC campaign.
  • PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors.
  • PPC ads can increase business awareness by 80%.
  • PPC ads can increase website traffic by 300%.

Fully Qualified.

Search It Local is a Google Partner Agency.

At Search It Local we’ve turned PPC Management into one of our most valuable marketing tools.

As a strategy to grow leads and sales, PPC advertising on Google, Bing, or Facebook has given our clients the chance to outgrow their competition and deliver real results.

We don’t have clients. We have partners. Our success is a testament to the hard work put in by our Google Ads team as much as it is due to the passion and dedication of our partners.

It’s that shared vision for PPC success that’s seen us gain Google’s own stamp of approval – as a Google Partner.

While PPC rewards can be enticing, the risks of poor PPC Management should always be considered.

Speaking as a Google Partner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your chosen agency has a strategy in place for your forward progress.

Don't start a PPC strategy without asking
yourself these five questions.

What is the best Google Ads management company?

The best agency for Google Ads is a tricky question to answer. With so many measurables, your agency could show you a high number of clicks, but with a low conversion rate hidden behind the scenes.

We don’t believe in search engine advertising smoke and mirrors.

So we won’t tell you we’re the best Google Ads management company.

Instead we’ll show you through client results and case studies to back up our ethos that clicks are nothing without conversions.

No matter what PPC advertising platforms we’re working on, we’ll find the most effective way to help you grow.

Where can I find a good Google Ads manager?

A good Google Ads manager is a lot like a remote.They’re both hard to find when you really need them.

Our in-house Google Ads team bring years of experience and skill to every campaign, understanding the subtle tweaks required to turn a good PPC campaign into a great one.

We know it can be a challenge to find the right pay per click services, so whether you’re dipping your toe in pay per click services for the first time, or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ll happily talk through your options in a risk-free, obligation-free chat.

Do you have development and design experience?

At Search It Local we’re a full service Digital Agency.Which means we have the skills to optimise your landing pages without outsourcing your business. That means knowing what to add, and where to add it, to improve your conversion rate percentage.

While many PPC companies don’t have the technical talent to put their pixels where their mouths are, we come fully armed.

Irresistible ads bring zero value if the landing page they connect to are poorly optimised or lacking character.

We offer formidable landing page design, ensuring your stream of targeted traffic is every bit as enthralled once they’ve arrived to your party, not just excited to receive an invitation.

Find out if your PPC agency brings development and design to the table. If they don’t, you could end up losing customers who found you with fascination and left with disappointment.

How much time will you take to understand my business?

If your chosen PPC company dives into your campaign without first getting to know your business, you should prepare for the worst.Random strategies lead to random results.

At Search It Local, we come prepared.

Your own Google Ads account manager will be assigned to your campaign. After all, we know a lot about PPC, but you’re the expert when it comes to your business.

The most success we’ve had has come through a proactive partnership with our clients.

We want to know all about your business, investing the necessary time to learn about you and asking the right questions.

Only then will we begin researching, developing and implementing a sparkling PPC campaign.

If your chosen PPC company doesn’t want to know about your business, there’s a good chance they see dollar signs in their own future, not yours.

How do you define ‘success’ in a PPC campaign?

Clicks without conversions may be a vanity metric to some PPC companies. To us, they’re a failure.

We define success in a PPC campaign as a result that returns your investment – and then some.

This cannot be measured by clicks alone.

We draw a fluid line from clicks to conversions, factoring in your real world revenue to frame our success.

We track every interaction that people have with your ads, whether clients or window shoppers, to track qualified leads and ‘money in the bank’ customers.

Clicks might be enough for others.

To us they’re the first step in a much longer, more successful journey.

How does PPC Advertising Work?

Free tips to make your PPC
campaign even more profitable.


Strategy and Review.

We start by studying your data to identify where you are, and what your goals are as a business.

We’ll ensure those business goals align with your marketing goals and tailor a bespoke PPC strategy to help you achieve both.

Our PPC experts identify the key search terms that will attract customers who are ready to buy, and are laser-focused around lead generation.

This research phase will blend historical PPC data and innovative forecasting models to help us create a results driven campaign unique to you.


Campaign setup.

Next we’ll start building your campaign to
maximise the value of your ads.

This is done with three goals in mind.

1. Target shoppers most likely to convert.
2. Minimise your cost per click.
3. Minimise your cost per conversion.

By configuring comprehensive performance
tracking we’ll watch your campaign like a hawk.

As a Google Partner we apply the latest PPC
advertising strategies to ensure your campaign is locked, loaded and ready to be unleashed.



With the planning and preparation complete it’s time to launch your campaign and get your ads live.

We’ll keep your business goals front and centre, whether that’s increased revenue, reducing the costs of your ads, increasing brand awareness or simply driving profits through the roof, we won’t stop until your ads are humming.

With a focus on PPC leads and customer acquisition, there’ll be no problems to report back to Houston after this launch.


Measuring and reporting.

Your PPC campaign will receive more attention than a hot chip surrounded by seagulls.

We’ll identify what’s working and what isn’t through industry-leading reporting and analytics run by our pay per click titans.

We live by the motto, ‘if you can’t measure something then you can’t improve it’.

Providing monthly reports that break your success down into simple, clear, bite sized portions, you’ll know where your ad spend is going and where your ROI is coming from.


Ongoing optimisation.

When it comes to your pay per click campaign we’re always improving and never finished.

You’ll receive dedicated attention for the life of your ads to ensure they’re squeezing every possible dollar from your customers.

When managed correctly, targeted PPC can become an extremely valuable addition to your marketing machine. By constantly working on our bidding strategies, keyword selection, geo-targeted PPC and filtering tools, we’ll place your business in front of the people who want and need it most.

That’s how PPC advertising works when implemented well.

So that’s exactly what we do.

ADS That Multiply YOur Business

Partnering with Search It Local means getting
a feature packaged service

24/7 results tracking.

We won’t provide vanity metrics or inflated numbers to distract you from what’s really going on.

Every activity within your campaign is accessible and provided to you in simple and convenient monthly reports.

The numbers don’t lie, and with our innovative PPC strategies we wouldn’t want them to.

Your own PPC strategist.

Other PPC companies will throw your business to an account manager who’s quick with their words but always deflecting your questions.

At Search It Local you’ll have an assigned PPC expert. Got questions, concerns, or ideas? Let your expert know. They’ll be the voice on the phone and the brains behind your PPC campaign at the same time.

Google friendly tactics.

Your business is important to you, so it’s important to us too.

Our PPC strategies are 100% safe and will never put you at risk of a Google penalty.

We’ll get you to the top in a flash without bending the rules or putting your assets at risk.

No lengthy contracts.

We’re proud of the lengthy relationships we’ve developed with our clients. But we’ll never force you to stay.

If your situation changes or you need to leave our partnership, our short term contracts are ideal.

Giving you the flexibility to be successful, and the room to react to changing circumstances, a partnership with Search It Local is risk-free.

It all comes together to deliver a
seamless advertising experience.

What else is included in our PPC management services?

Quick clicks.

How long does it take to see results with PPC compared to other advertising methods?

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, that traffic is the lifeblood of your online business.

The more people you can attract to visit your site, the more likely you are to convert customers.

What is up for debate though is the way in which you attract those customers.

PPC and SEO are two of the most valuable and effective ways to help your business grow.

But which is right for you?

PPC Advertising vs SEO.

Google Ads and SEO are the main components of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but bring their own unique strengths to your digital marketing campaign.

Google is the starting point for the majority of online experiences. When it comes to getting your business online, appearing on Google is a necessity.

Google Ads and SEO give you two broad ways to do this.

Through a Google Ads service your ads can appear on the first page of Google for almost any keyword you like. You’ll only pay when people click on those ads. This is one of the many benefits of the pay-per-click method.

It is cost-effective and low-risk, giving you the chance to generate targeted online traffic, which means more website visitors, more conversions, and more business.

In contrast to the immediate results of a Google Ads campaign, SEO is a long-term strategy designed to improve your rankings organically across search engine result pages (SERPs).

To appear on the first page of Google can result in huge visibility and attention, giving your business a chance to really cash in.

To appear here, your website must be optimised to attract human visitors and search engine crawlers.

As a Google Ads management company we’re experts in both arms of Search Engine Marketing.

Do you want immediate results? Or would you prefer to build towards long-term success organically?

Do you want to plant roots targeting a variety of long tail keywords? Or look to dominate a handful of high-converting keywords right away?

Whatever your business goals, our Google Ads campaign management services can get you there.

Why use PPC advertising.

Partnering with Search It Local means getting
a feature packaged service

You want immediate results.If you hate waiting in line, then PPC is for you. Once your pay per click campaign is approved your ads are instantly displayed in front of a massive audience.PPC advertising statistics don’t lie, with 3.5 billion Google searches each day there’s some serious opportunity for growth.
You want ‘ready to buy’ traffic.PPC marketing gives you the ability to segment and filter your audience. Although both PPC and SEO create targeted streams of traffic, PPC catches shoppers during their ‘buy now’ impulse.They’re actively searching for solutions, and your business is right in front of them to provide one.
You’re promoting a time sensitive product or service.Got a product or service with an expiration date?While SEO takes time to bring about results, PPC advertising benefits you by placing you at the top of Google in no time at all. So whether you’ve got a service to push or a product range that must fly off the shelves, pay per click can deliver traffic in an instant.
When your website isn’t designed for SEO.SEO requires content rich and professionally made websites that adhere to Google’s complex ranking algorithms. This ensures your site is seen as relevant and valuable, both vital for SEO success.While the success of a PPC campaign still relies on a sleek and modern website, you can see results through PPC without having to invest heavily in SEO.
If you want to dominate the results of your chosen keywords.When PPC and SEO come together as a complementary marketing approach, your competition should start running scared.Even if you opt for PPC alone, the prominent position of your ads – above organic results, can capture up to 50% of traffic.

If you’re not sitting in those paid search results, your competition likely are!

How does PPC advertising work?

Free tips to make your PPC campaign
even more profitable.

A PPC advertising campaign is a game-changing strategy on paper.

But in the hands of the wrong agency, or through a lack of know-how, you could see your budget burn up before you know it.

Making money from PPC doesn’t have to be rocket science.

At Search It Local, we turn clicks into customers, and desire into dollars.

Your business needs to be seen. And the best way for you to be successful, increase your revenue, and turn the profit you’re after, is to drive more people to click on your ads and to compel conversions once they arrive on your landing page.

PPC advertising tips you can take to the bank.


Improve your ad copy to increase your CTR.

Your CTR, or click-through rate, will be a defining metric of your PPC success. By writing ad copy that gives people no choice but to click on your ad, you’ll increase your CTR, which in turn increases your Quality Score.


Ad extensions

Use ad extensions to further increase your CTR.

Google Ads provides a wide range of ad extensions you can use to make your ads more clickable.

No matter what type of business you run, we can customise your ads to stand out among the rest, drive a higher CTR, and increase your Quality Score even more.


Negative keywords

Use negative keywords to qualify your customers.

Negative keywords allow you to stop certain people from seeing your ads. This may sound counterintuitive but it can help you make more money.

If you’re offering carpet cleaning, you don’t want to attract shoppers searching for ‘DIY Carpet Cleaning’.

By showing your ads only to those with intent to buy, we’ll make your business more profitable.

Landing pages

Optimise your landing pages to convert.

It’s not enough to get them through the door. Compelling shoppers to click on your ads is only half the battle, the true test comes from creating landing pages that capture their intent and force a sale.

The best PPC advertising companies create landing pages designed to work in sync with your ads, helping your revenue soar.


You didn’t come here for acronyms.
You came here for answers.

Do Google Ads work?

There are a number of variables that will determine the success of your Google Ads campaign.Two of the major influences include the competitiveness of the keywords you’re bidding for and the relevancy of the keyword in regards to its ability to convert customers.

With the help of our Google Ads campaign managers we’ll ensure your money is directed to the most relevant keywords and your ads are compelling, both of which will help your click-through-rate (CTR).

Why should I invest in Google Ads?

Combining a Google Ads marketing campaign with our organic SEO strategies is an integrated approach to marketing that will place your business in front of potential customers in an unmissable way. With greater exposure and greater brand recognition you increase your chances of securing more customers. It’s that simple.

How do you choose which keyword to target?

You know a lot about your business. We know a lot about ours. Together we’ll make some magic.Our Google Ads campaign managers work with you in a collaborative sense, gaining valuable insight into your industry, what you offer and who you are targeting.

We’ll analyse your market and identify what keywords would best be utilised in your industry. From there we’ll be able to implement the most effective PPC strategy for you.

Do you manage paid search outside of Google Ads?

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to advertise outside Google where relevant. This may include platforms across Bing Ads, YouTube and Social Media.

How quickly will I see results?

There are a number of contributing factors that will impact your results.These may include your historical PPC use and the competition in your industry, to name a few.

Using a controlled approach that analyses, refines, and repeats we consistently deliver results regardless of the obstacles facing us.

PPC your way to the
top of Google.

Stay in control of your budget and start getting leads today.


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